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Float Me A Tepee – origins

August 15, 2022

William Woodbridge in front of a reprint of the painting, by Gregory S Fergusson, of William rowing to his tepee on Lake Gininnerra.

The background story to our song – Float Me A Tepee. Recorded in the Science and Technology tea room at the University of Canberra, it includes a short introduction, a talk given by William Woodbridge (who built and lived in the tepee on Lake Ginninderra), and an acoustic version of the song performed by us in June 2022!

Launching Mercy And The Sea

June 22, 2022

Getting pretty pumped about launching Mercy And The Sea with a full band (violin, drums, keys, bass) at the Polo Club this Saturday. We are also excited about hearing Half-moon Shine – all the way from Braidwood! The reserved seating is sold out but there is still a handful of unreserved seats that can be purchased here at Live At the Polo. And, If you have the time, grab an authentic Polish meal beforehand and maybe consider sampling the fine collection of European beers on hand! 🙂 SW

Meeting William Woodbridge

June 19, 2022

We had the pleasure of hosting William Woodbridge of floating a tepee on Lake Ginninnderra fame for our Faculty morning tea yesterday (Friday June 17th). William’s grace and determination to highlight the accommodation plight of many students by building a tepee on a raft and living in it on Lake Ginninderra for three months inspired our song “Float Me A Tepee“. Friday’s meeting with William was the culmination of several months of planning and effort of several people (Alejandro, Catherine, Janine, and Llara) to bring William together with Stella’s Way, the song Float Me A Tepee, and the awesome painting of William and his tepee by Gregory S. Fergusson. The meeting, an interview with William, and our performance of Float Me A Tepee were reported in the Canberra Times and can be read here Although this story is behind a paywall, we hope to circulate a version of it soon.

Rehearsals in full swing!

June 17, 2022

Great to get most of the band together in a full-on rehearsal for the album launch on Saturday the 25th at the Polish White Eagle Club (Turner)! In focus: Llara; Out of focus (from right): Rob, Dustin (hidden), Gary, Will, Stephen! Missing: Dave. Still a few tickets available but they are going fast! Available here:

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