Stella's Way

Contemporary Folk Trio

Minigig – recorded live at The Artists Shed (25/3/23)

Recorded live at Palomino Studios, Myponga (April 2022)

Float Me A Tepee – recorded live at Smith’s Alternative, June 13th 2021, featuring Stella’s Way and friends

Check out this video of our song Very Fine Day from Wonderland – Produced and directed by Nathalie Cerritelli
We Won’t Cry (Archie Roach) – recorded during lockdown in 2020. We recorded our parts separately and Gary created the mix.

Humanity – Stella’s Way, live at the Basement, November 2020

Time Is An Arrow – Stella’s Way, live at the Basement, November 2020

The Ballad of Cory Bernardi Stella’s Way, live at the Rivett St Library, December 2019

00045 (1)_Moment


 I Saw it all (Higgisson/Sarre) – Stella’s Way – Live at The Bunker, December 2019


Stella’s Way live at Untapped, February 2019

Stella's Way at Untapped February 7th 2019


Humanity (Higgisson/Weaver) – Stella’s Way – 2018 Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival

White widow (Sarre/Scott) –  Stella’s Way – 2018 Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival

Very Fine Day (Sarre) – Stella’s Way  2018 Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival

Somehow (Sarre) – Stella’s Way (sans Will) – National Folk Festival (2018)

Brooks Soak (Sarre) – 2018 George Harcourt Inn – inaugural gig

My Name is Jo (Ballad Of A Hit Man) – (Sarre/Scott) – 2018 George Harcourt Inn – inaugural gig


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