Stella's Way

Contemporary Folk Trio

Question: What do Stella’s Way and The Fiddle Chicks have in common? Answer: Rare grassland lizards that live in burrows!

December 24, 2022

Yes folks, both groups have scientists studying rare Australian burrow-living grassland reptiles (Canberra Grassland Earless Dragons and Pygmy Blue-tongue lizards). These two species, each once thought to be extinct, were rediscovered towards the end of last Century. PS: Another answer to this question is that Fiddle Chick Emma Luker played awesome fiddle on our 2022 album Mercy And The Sea!

Stephen Sarre (Stella’s Way) and Dee Trewartha (The Fiddle Chicks) in the mid-north of SA after a solid morning catching pygmy blue-tongue lizards.

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